If I’ve reached the point

Where lines that don’t rhyme

And words that I’ve barely given

Any thought to

Are the only things that can

Remotely mirror whatever it is

That you elicit out of my being

Then you’re indelible.


Sit and you feel like

You’re sinking into an abyss

So deep that you’re not able to

Fathom when it began and

don’t expect

An end.

Walk and you feel like

There are chains only you can see

Wrapped around your legs

So tight that they leave

Marks that you’re sure won’t

Ever fade.

Comfort Zone

It’s warm there and it’s soft.

Reminds you of winters at your grandparents’

And a home-made cake that is half done

And a new Harry Potter book in the original cover

And a friend’s dog who loves you more (as much)

And a house party where you find someone to talk to

And not worrying about using so many ‘Ands’ in the same sentence.


You’ve got to let the cold winds blow and clear out the dust.

You’ve got to walk on solid ground and get into your stride.

My Corner

Soft absorbed in the tough.

I can see hair, due to be shaven, standing on my arm.

When light from a faint source hit my glasses.

It feels like a spotlight on all the self-inflicted gloom.

My corner is eating me up.

But I’m too tired to be anywhere else.

So wait for circumstance to push me.

Till then I rest ( push ) against the wooden side

Of my corner.

Tell Me

Tell me its okay

Dreaming about the future

To get past the present

Patience was never my virtue

So tell me if its my vice

to try and imagine

A place where I want to be

Someday, Any day

Tell me it exists

And I will get there

I will live and breathe it

Just as I wish I could now.



Lenses down

Focus to blurr

Rub away the strain

And set of fireworks

So noiselessly colourful.


Rest your eyes, darling.

They are tired of scrutinising every inch of your skin 

Like it was expensive wallpaper

You wanted to slap on every wall of your room,

Forcing your stringently perfect aesthetic 

Onto every visitor.


If we could feel and not see

Then wouldn’t we agree

That the shape of a smile

Is vastly more beautiful 

Than the colour of skin?

Best Friends

Its all about

holding hands

And dancing in circles 

like little children in kindergarten trying to keep up 

With the increasing tempo of the song they sing, 

all in different notes, varying pitch, but in unison nonetheless 


If one trips

The rest slow down

So he can get back up,

Laughing it off like he meant it to happen

And the others join in while dancing together in circles again

Because that is what best friends do.